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Nokia Slashes Lumia 900 Price in Half

Le 23 April 2014, 09:02 dans Humeurs 0

Just three short months after releasing their flagship smartphone, Nokia has cut the price of the Lumia 900 smartphone in half. The cut from $99 to $49.99 (with a two-year contract) is seen by many as an attempt by Nokia to win market share back from Samsung and Apple. The company’s ambitions for the Lumia 900, sold through AT&T, were severely dented by a major software bug that caused many of the phones in the US to lose their data connection.

Much of the consumer desire for the Lumia 900 was also damaged by news from Nokia that the device would be unable to run the newest version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system. A Nokia spokesperson denied that the price cut was an act of desperation, saying that the price cut was “not unusual” at this point in a smartphone’s life, calling it part of the company’s “normal strategy” for handsets. There has been no word as to whether or not the price cuts would be extended outside of the US, however.

Until the beginning of this year, Nokia had been the worldwide leader in handset sales; Samsung has since overtaken Nokia as the world leader in handset sales. According to Strategy Analytics, a market research firm, Samsung sold a whopping 25% of all phones in the first quarter of 2012, with Nokia in second place at 22.5%, dropping by 24% in the previous year.

In attempting to staunch the corporate bleeding, Nokia announced last month that it would be cutting another 10,000 jobs, bringing the total number of jobs lost at the company to 40,000. Another measure they will be taking is to phase out the Symbian operating systems on their phones in favor of Microsoft’s software.

Nokia slaps HTC in the face with Twitter post

Le 23 April 2014, 09:02 dans Humeurs 0


Nokia is struggling to stay relevant in an industry that’s dominated by iPhones and Android devices, and despite its efforts to put Windows Phone into the same league as iOS and Android, Windows Phone devices haven’t achieved that goal just yet. Microsoft and Nokia are pouring a lot of money into backing up the Nokia WP8 partnership, so if WP8 busts then so does Nokia.

Money doesn’t seem to be the issue when it comes to proving that Nokia can compete with high rollers like Apple and Google. Thus, Nokia needs to generate hype and excitement for their devices—something Nokia has to do more of now than ever before.


So money isnt the issue, so it must be the lack of smack talking against competing firms. HTC recently unveiled its 8S and 8X, and instead of supporting the WP8 movement, Nokia’s Chris Weber slapped HTC in the face with a tweet saying that copying Nokia’s WP8 coloring scheme doesn’t mean HTC phones will be in the same league as Nokia’s.


Weber claims that HTC’s upcoming WP8 devices won’t have innovations that can match that of the Lumia 920. He might be referring to enhancements such as City Lens, PureView, and Nokia Drive—that’s just reading in the between the line though.

HTC has produced some extremely competitive smartphones for the Android market, so we’ll see if the Taiwanese phone maker has what it takes to prove Weber wrong.

Nokia Singapore Initiated Charger Exchange Program

Le 23 April 2014, 09:02 dans Humeurs 0


9 November 2009, Singapore – Nokia today initiated a charger exchange program, in which consumers owning certain Nokia-branded chargers manufactured by a third-party supplier are recommended to exchange these chargers for free replacements.

During a routine quality control process, Nokia identified a potential product quality issue with certain chargers manufactured by one of its third-party suppliers. The plastic covers of the affected chargers could come loose and separate, exposing the charger’s internal components and potentially posing an electrical shock hazard if certain internal components are touched while the charger is plugged into a live socket. Nokia is not aware of any incidents or injuries related to these chargers.

Only a limited number of chargers of certain model types manufactured by a single third-party supplier during a specific time period are within the scope of the exchange program. They are the AC-3E and AC-3U models, manufactured between June 15, 2009 and August 9, 2009; and the AC 4U model, manufactured between April 13, 2009 and October 25, 2009. Please note that the chargers identified under this exchange programme are 2 pin chargers.

Chargers within the scope of the exchange program can be identified through a three step process. Firstly, identify the charger model number written at the top right corner of the charger. If your charger model is AC-3E, AC-3U or AC-4U, proceed to the second step and check if the charger label has the letters “BYD” on it. If this is present, check the production date code printed at the bottom of the charger. If your charger model is either AC 3E and AC-3U model and the production codes are between “925” and “932” it is within the scope of the program and should be exchanged for a free replacement charger. If you own the AC-4U, and your charger model contains production codes between “916” and “943” it is within the scope of the program and should be exchanged for a free replacement charger. Any other code not listed above is not within scope of the program and no further action is required.

For more information, including how consumers can check to see if their chargers are part of this exchange program, Nokia has established a website. Consumers are asked to visit

In Singapore , consumers will also be able to exchange the affected chargers at the Nokia Care Centres. To locate the nearest Nokia Care Centre please visit or call the Nokia Care hotline at (+65) 68228888. Nokia recommends consumers with chargers within the scope of this exchange program to stop using the charger and exchange it for a free replacement.

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